850T,Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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App Control, 3000Pa Big Suction(with Magnetic Tape)
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    Remote control at your fingertip
    You can schedule, monitor, control or pause the cleaning process on your APP WHENEVER AND WHEREVER you are.

    Powerful Suction with Ease
    Super powerful suction of 3000Pa. 850T vacuum cleaner can meet all your needs by sucking all the dust, hairs and garbage with ease.
    IPNAS 2.0 intelligent positioning system
    Systematical positioning, mapping, effectively planning the clean based on the floor plans and cleaning systematically, four steps and you get a clean house.
    Carpet needs to be cleaned? Vboost Technology is ready to help!
    850T automatically increases suction power to max mode when a carpet is detected to ensure a thorough clean and automatically turns back to the previous suction mode when leaving the carpet.
    2 in 1 Cleaning
    850T comes with a 300ml big dustbin and a 300ml water tank, allowing you to use sweeiping mode, mopping mode or both. By snapping on the water tank and wetting the mopping cloth, the mopping function will be in use.
    300ml Electronic Water Tank
    850T will exonerate your worries because of the big electronic water tank capacity of 300ml. Water seepage can be adjusted according to your needs on the APP.
    Big Dust Container of 500ml
    850T is also equipped with a spacious dust container of 500ml, you don’t have to empty the dirt frequently.
    Alexa, Google Home Voice Control
    850T can be controlled by voice commands of Alexa and Google Home just by connecting them and giving instructions such as start cleaning, stop or go to the charging station etc.. (Alexa Skill: ProscenicRobot).
    Nice choice for big houses and multiple rooms
    Equipped with a battery of 2600mAh, the working time can last for 120 minutes in silent mode. Nice choice for big houses and multiple rooms.
    Automatic Charging

    850T will go back to recharge on its own when battery runs low. It frees your hands from bringing it to the socket.
    Don't worry about your fragile furniture! We've got magnetic tape!
    The equipped magnetic tape will prevent the machine from going to restricted areas where fragile furniture is situated.
    Smart and Systematical Cleaning
    By smart and programmed cleaning way, 850T will not run randomly and is able to locate itself and effectively plans the cleaning and systematically cleans based on floor plans.
    Multiple Cleaning Modes
    Auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning...multiple cleaning modes are ready for you to choose. All you need to do is switching on your APP.
    Anti-fall Sensor
    This smart robot is equipped with an anti-fall sensor which can senses stairs or steps when working so it will prevent itself from falling down and will re-plan the route to complete the task.
    Compact and Flat Design
    850T has a compact design with a height of only 8.3 cm, making it possible to clean effectively corners, places like under the bed, sofa and cabinet or somewhere else hard to reach.
    Brand new Cover
    850T robot vacuum has adopted a new U shape line design for the cover, adding more colors while making the machine look even more fashionable and special. 

    Products Comparison

      850T M8PRO M7PRO M6PRO 830T 820S
    Navigation System Gyroscope Navigation Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Gyroscope Navigation Gyroscope Navigation
    Max Suction Power 3000 Pa 3000 Pa 2700 Pa 2600 Pa 1800Pa 1800Pa
    Mopping ×(Water Tank Sold Separately)
    Intelligent Dust Collector × √(Sold Separately) × × ×
    Runtime Maximum 120mins Maximum 250mins Maximum 270mins Maximum 110mins Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins
    APP Control (2.4G Wi-Fi)
    Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    V-boost Carpet Detection
    • Power 28W
    • Voltage 14.4V
    • Weight 2.5Kg
    • Noise in Decibels (dB) 62-75dB
    • Battery 2600mAh Lithium-Ion
    • Dust Collector Capacity 300mL
    • Filtration System HEPA
    • Water Tank Capacity 300mL
    • Dimensions 325*325*73mm
    • Climbing Height ≤15mm
    • Charge Time 3-5h
    • Multi-Surface Cleaning Hard Floors to Low-Pile Carpets
    • Suction Levels 3
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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Safe & Secure
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