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  • The UPV 2.0 Technology,effectively manage larger space
    With the UPA 2.0 technology, it can purify far more space comparing with the same size of products. With the CADR of 460 m³/h, it purifies 90 square meters/968 ft²of air in 20 mins circulating the air in the room up to 5x per hour. if you have smaller rooms : 33 square meters/355.21ft² only in just 7 mins, 20 square meters/215.28ft² only in just 4 mins.
    The HDOF Purifying Technology, it Captures 99.97% of airborne allergens
    The HDOF purifying technology with 4 stages filtration, which contains primary filter, H13 HEPA, activated carbon and nano-silver ions, adsorbing 99.97% of fine particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns and even larger pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke, mold, and pollen.
    The Cyclone motor
    High-performance motor, the air volume can reach the ceiling at the maximum gear, super strong wind power, accelerating the circulation of indoor air and removing odors.
    4-Speed Fan, regulating the air circulation
    4-Speed Fan, you are able to adjust according to your needs.
    The Smart Sensor ,true real-time monitor
    The built-in air quality smart sensor inspects the PM2.5 air index in real time,different Air Quality Indicator changes will be based on real air quality.
    Smart Control, smart assistant
    In the app, it can execute the appointment and timing function. Support Alexa, Google home control, very convenient and smart.
    Rest easy in lower noise
    4-Speed Fan design supports to adjust based on your needs. In particular, you can activate the quiet, energy-efficient Sleep Mode with only 25db, for a good night’s sleep.
    Real time Display of Purified Air
    Support APP to display the cumulative output of "purified air (m³)", so that users can visually see the purification effect.
    HD Digital Display, clear vision
    HD LED digital display, can clearly display PM2.5 air index, timing countdown, air quality indicator display, etc.
    Kind reminder, the Filter Replacement Indicator
    When the filters need to be replaced, the Filter Replacement Indicator LED will illuminate.
    Support Bluetooth connection
    Support Bluetooth mode connection, when there is no WIFI network can also use the APP setting function
    Multi-function Filters (Sold Separately)
    4 different colors of replacement filters, white H13 high efficiency filter, purple antibacterial special filter, green pet allergy special filter, black toxic gas special filter, you can choose according to your needs.
    Enjoy Healthy Life
    It can be used among pets, children, allergic people, protecting them from the dust, dust, odors, pollen and other polluted articles, suitable for a variety of places, such as living room, office and bedroom, making your family breathe the fresh and pure air, leading a better life.

    Products Comparison

      A9 A8 A8SE
    Power 50W 50W 30W(US)
    Ideal Room Size 55 ㎡-90 ㎡ 30 ㎡ 25 ㎡
    CADR 460m³/H 220m³/H 200m³/H
    Filtration System 4-Stages Filtration System 4-Stages Filtration System 3-Stages Filtration System
    APP Control
    Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    Sleep mode
    Night Light × ×
    PM2.5 Air Index Display × ×
    • Power 50W
    • Voltage 120V(US) 220-240V(EU&UK)
    • Noise Level 25-55dB
    • Dimensions 26*26*52 cm
    • Weight 6.4kg
    • H13 HEPA Filter
Free Shipping on All Orders
Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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Safe & Secure
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