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Enjoy Healthy & Tasty food with Proscenic T22 Oil-Free Air Fryer!
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  • TurboAir Technology
    With 7X Air Circulation Speed, T22 increases the cooking efficiency by 30% and quickly locks the moisture inside the food to make it crisp and juicy with up to 90% less fat.
    App Control & Online Recipes
    Remotely control the air fryer for setting&explore, save and customize recipes in the Proscenic app.
    Low Noise
    The Intelligent SuperDenoise Technology will reduce the common noise by 20% and maintain a low noise level of 48 dB while working. Working in the kitchen is pleasant instead of annoying.
    Use 13 cooking functions, which include 11 presets, Preheat and Keep Warm.
    Non-Stick & Easy to Clean
    Removable, dishwasher-safe basket and nonstick surface make cleaning simple and easy.
    "Shake" Reminder
    The reminder to "SHAKE" or flip food is available in the app. You don't have to wait in the kitchen while you cook because it works based on the type of food you choose. If needed, you will be reminded to flip the food to the other side.
    Over 100 Recipes
    No matter what your skill level is, 100 plus detailed, step-by-step recipes, both in the Proscenic app and recipe book, make cooking fun and simple. Choose from a variety of meals to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.
    5L Large Capacity
    With a special design, it saves 25% space. With its tiny and smart design, the capacity of 5L satisfies your requirements(3-4 people), such as French fries and chicken wings are applicable.

    Products Comparison

    T22 T21
    Puissance 1500W 1700 W
    Capacité 5.0 L/5.28QT 5.5L/5.8QT
    Température 165-400℉(75-205℃) 180-400℉ (80-205℃)
    Écran Tactile
    Contrôle par APP
    Alexa & Google Home Commande Vocale
    Fonctions de Cuisine 11+1(Personnalisé) 8+1(Personnalisé)
    Rappel de Remuer
    Maintenir au Chaud
    Recettes Plus de 100 recettes dans livre et recettes en ligne dans APP Recettes en ligne dans APP
    Lavable au Lave-vaisselle
    Arrêt Automatique
    • Power 1500W
    • Temperature Range 165-400℉(75-205℃)
    • Voltage 120V(US) 220-240V(EU&UK)
    • Time Range 1-60 mins
    • Dimensions 36.1 * 27.1 * 30.6 cm
    • Weight 5.7kg
    • Noise in Decibels (dB) ≤55dB
Free Shipping on All Orders
Free Shipping on All Orders
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1-Year Limited Warranty
1-Year Limited Warranty
Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
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